Customer service has always been recognized as an essential part of any business or organization. In the modern competitive business world, customer service is not just about keeping some clients happy or solving some minor problems, but it is about fulfilling customers’ expectations and raising business profile. A good customer service makes a huge difference to a company’s image, credibility and more importantly profitability. Customer service acts as bridge that directly connects the business with its clients. As a result, it has a huge responsibility to act on customers’ needs, opinions and preferences. Customer service representatives also play a significant role in treating people in unusual and often challenging situations. The way complaints are handled and feedbacks are received by customer services make a significant change in the way the organization is viewed by the clients and determines many returning businesses. This content-rich course contains interactive exercises, scenarios, case studies, principles and guidelines in order to offer a systematic method in mastering customer services.

Course Outline:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Service delivery
  • Creating Customer Delight & Handling Complaints

Type of Program: Local Achievement Unit Program (B)

Type of Certification: Achievement

Duration: 24 hours