This course provides applicants with a view of the principle areas of sales under the theme “Partnering to Create Value”. It explores the factors influencing how buying decisions are made, including the impact of buying decisions on an organization. Applicants gain a working knowledge of practical sales and business vocabulary. In today’s competitive market a “partnering style of selling” creates a competitive advantage for sales organizations that transcends to increased customer value. This course is ideally suited for those wishing to achieve high performance selling.

For the credibility of the profession, it is important to recognize sales professionals who have met and surpassed high standards of education, experience, knowledge, and ethical conduct. Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. (SMEI) has established sales certification program for professionals to complete in order to be able to use its professional designations. A SMEI sales certification designation shows to the world that you are a sales professional.

Type of Program: Awarding Body Program ©

Duration: 32 hours