Improving mission performance, command climate, and employee retention require a transformation in organizational culture. Such a transformation often involves the introduction of new programs, policies, procedures, reporting relationships, and organizational structures. As helpful as such changes may be, they do not directly address the underlying factors that will allow for the true development of an organization’s leaders and transformation of an organization’s culture. In addition, these steps—if imposed and not invited—can create more of the resistance such measures aim to overcome. This resistance is the primary reason change initiatives fail to produce the desired results. In this workshop, participants learn the difference between an Inward Mindset (a myopic focus on personal objectives) and an Outward Mindset (taking into account their impact on others), and begin to see the extent to which they have been operating and leading from an Inward Mindset. With an understanding of the negative effects of an Inward Mindset, this discovery awakens within participants a desire to adopt an Outward Mindset approach in their work. The collective application of an outward mindset with individuals throughout the organization enables breakthrough results. Organizations which make this fundamental shift experience substantial and sustainable improvements in key areas such as leadership development, team effectiveness, customer satisfaction, change management, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Type of Program: Local Attendance Program (A)

Duration: 16 hours